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Kelly L Matesic
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Back in 2008 I lived in Evanston, Wyoming and I was going to college and working part time job. My oldest son asked me to quit my job, sell everything I own and drive 2400 miles and move to Virginia and help him with his son. I did it all. His girlfriend kicked me out and I ended up in a homeless shelter and my dog was in boarding for 63 days. The homeless shelter closed and I had 10 days sleeping on the floor with the dog on a toddler bed in another boarding facility. My car got broke into and stole a (non) active cell phone. I was working for T-Mobile, had a nice house I rented. My retina detached and went through surgery, lost my job ended up on disability and I suffer from Fibro myalgia and recently had back surgery and I am in physical therapy. I am truly depressed and very unhappy here. My son doesn't bother with me. I have given our relationship 5 years to recover and it's no where close. Recently I decided I wanted to move to Colorado where my middle son and his family is. I have a 1997 Buick LaSabre and a massive oil leak and no air conditioner and need new tires and
I honestly don't feel my car will make the trip and I don't think I can do this safely. I am planning to go in March when my lease is up and my physical therapy is done. I wanted to sell everything I own and fly my two dogs and myself. I can't afford that. I thought if I had a mini van I could have good lumbar support and enough room and drive the trip with taking my time and doing it safely.

Thank you