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Kelly Jelinski
Name Kelly Jelinski
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Kelly Jelinski
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599 days ago

is from Kelly Jelinski i born march 10 1984 i am 28 year old i have a sad sorry about my life my big borther diven comming home from prom night a drunk driver hit hime and my borther dead all most hit gas satiton gas pump the man was going 80 mph !!!!!!!!! and drunk may 10 2000 born 1982 aug 14 then my mom past away october 25 2003 her was 42 year old 1962 april 1 the i have to move with my aunt linda and uncle ron then i move up there by shawno wi by tigerton my uncle ron past way 2009 hiw was 65 year old have long cancer were are having a ruff time and we need help i hope you ellen help us !!! puls i hope you pick us for 12 day christmas all 12 days thank you are # 1 i love the show i will dance for you and drumb in water for the cancer ... please call 1-715-535-2768 call at 700pm