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Kelly Flynn
Name Kelly Flynn
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Hobbies Fishing, four-wheeling, crafting, anything to do with my son.
About Me I am a single mommy to a very handsome four year old boy. I attend school full-time for child care services and I work full-time at a family owned and operated child care center. I LOVE what I do. I was born and raised on the outskirts of a very small town, never experiened the "city" life. I am up to try anything new, when I have the time of course.
Kelly Flynn
Did You Beat The Odds to Get Into College?
276 days ago

Hi Ellen!
The name is Kelly, I am a 21 year old single mother to a very handsome four year old little boy from Wisconsin. I am currently in school for child care services, I wouldn't say at the college of my dreams but then again I never really gave myself that option. I became a mom within the first month of my senior year, in fact homecoming night I was laying on the table.
I am going for child care services in hopes to one day open my own in-home daycare. I love my children, the joy and happiness they bring me every single day is beyond unexplainable. I do not make much money, in fact it's barely over minimum wage. I am my sons only parent, my income is what is supporting us and getting me through college.
I know some will say, "find a better paying job." As much as I dislike scraping up spare change every week for gas money to get to and from work and school; I wouldn't want to be in any other field.
I have roughly a year left of school until I will be able to spread my wings and fly on my own. But the downfall, you need money. I have been struggling for awhile, but I refuse to let it bring me down.
Watching you help all these single parents, disabled, so on so forth; pushes me a little bit further everyday. It is reassuring knowing that somebody is still out there who is beyond willing to help someone.
Thank you for being such a great inspiration!