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Kelly Donohue
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About Me I'm a single gay woman, divorced almost 11 years. Happily divorced. I have three wonderul kids or I should say young adults, all three in college and studying music. I work for a traveling dental team. We take care of nursing home patients. Love my job. Can't imagine doing anything else. I have 1 dog, 2 puppies, and two cats, all rescued. I love my friends and consider them my family. I love to travel, but also love to watch movies snuggled on my couch with the puppies. When I can get them to lay still. Enjoy reading, love Disney movies. my favorite movie of all times is "Finding Nemo", ask my kids I watch all the time. Due tot he fact it is a dental office and they do have their facts wrong, lol, but ofcourse the main reason is Ellen. Love the outdoors, enjoy camping and fishing. Also love to BBQ for my friends.
Kelly Donohue
Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
561 days ago

My heart goes out to Bethenny. It is so tough to go through a divorce no matter how old you are. Ellen, you are right no one knows what a couple goes through behind closed doors. It's such a shame that people are judging and criticizing her for her choices. I feel for her, I went through one 11 years ago, but I am such a stronger person for going through it all. She will get through it in time. She is not a failure, she will learn in time it will work out, it always does!! Just believe in yourself!