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About Me I love Ellen, never miss an episode. I blog at WordPress. My BLOG is called Boomdeeadda. I'm married to a Prince and have two cats, Petals & Blossum. I just got new skates :) just thought you should know..ha xox
Kelly Daye
Quote of the Day: You Are Not a Failure
562 days ago

It broke my heart to see Bethany so scare. It is overwhelming, and when you feel like you can't go do. I've been in your shoes Bethany. To quote a friend of mine "it's a tough hill to climb, but wait till you see the view from the top". You mentioned you dropped into Ellen & Portia's and sobbed, don't have to feel alone. You are loved, you are worthy and you'll come thru it and be stronger. Joy will find you again, sooner than you think. Hugs & Take Care.