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Usher on Bieber: 'He's Young'
418 days ago

Justin Bieber has applied the priciples of marketing with an A Grade format, perhaps initially with the help of some adults, but in the GAME of "making it"!, in the entertainment industry it has and always will be "Who and Not What you know"!
There are so many "un sung heroes" out there today, more than ever, that's why shows like the Voice are so popular in the T.V. ratings, but I would love it if Ellen applied some initiative to find these artists herself. I know I would if I was in her position, but I am a natural born sharer of good.
That's why I would like it if you passed on abit of Aussie RAp STar goodness called Kaleidoscope23 and I am sure Ellen will find each of his tracks on Sound Cloud something to vibe into! But maybe I am just a proud Aussie Mum who loves that her son is all the way over in P'cola Florida U.S.A making music but most of all being the great son he is to an ailing father and sharing his Love the way he does so WEll and I think he deserves a big BREAK and the world deserves to NJOY his bloody good tunes/ lyrics.xxxxxxxxxx