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Name kelly
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Hobbies reading,sports with my kids, watching ellen
About Me I am a single mother raising 3 children I noe have a grandchild. I lost a child she passed away 3yrs ago and I just lost another last march we my boyfriend and I went in for a ultra sound and there was no heartbeat it would've have been his first child it was devastating. He is a wonderful man that has helped me through a terrible 2yrs he is so good with my kids. If it wasn't for him I don't know what I would have done. But I owe student loans and I would like to help him pay off his credit card bills that he has spent on my kids and I don't get a lot of hours where I work I work for a wonderful doctor but I don't get a lot of hours. But I need to say that when I have down and crying myself to sleep I wake up looking forward to watching ellen she just has away of utting a smile on your face and laugh and when I thought I would never laugh again. Thank you for that ellen. But I really wanted to try to win the 20.000 dollars you have no idea how that would take so much stress and relief of my shoulders and to beable to finally sleep at night knowing I could help my boyfriend off his credit card bills and my student loans. so if you couyld please help figure out hpw to sign up for that I would be grateful its worth a try. I feel stupid not knowing if I even doing this Well I hope you get my message and Thank You for making my family and laugh on a daily basis, You keep us going when times get hard, and believe me that's a lot. Thank You sincerely Kelly.
Howie Mandel, Usher
423 days ago

Yes im sorry im trying to sign up to win 20,000 dollars and i have gone through everything and can not find where I can try to win. Oh well Im happy for whom ever the lucky winner will be but i sure wish i couldve od tried i have soooo many school loans and debts to pay off but if i can still try to win please let me know how to. Thank You Ellen i just love you so much after everything ive been through and its been rough you aleays make me laugh thank you. Kelly mahon from livonia mi.