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Kellie Stine
Name Kellie Stine
Location Fort Wayne, Indiana
Age 52
Joined 643 days ago
Hobbies Writing poetry,volunteering, listening to music,gardening, exploring nature,watching Ellen, and reading.
About Me I'm trying to learn to live again,rather than merely existing.7 major surgeries have changed my life drastically.I am very blessed with wonderful daughter 2 precious granddaughters and a best friend who is so incredibly amazing,there aren't enough words to describe her and all she has done for me
Kellie Stine
Message from Ellen
526 days ago

If every star in the sky were a word,there still would not be enough to express the love,respect,admiration and gratitude I feel toward all of the amazing things you do for people,animals and the whole Earth! And they say one person can't change the world,HA.I can't wait to see you hug Hélène Campbell,I have tears already! This week is going to be GREAT,Dennis,Chelsea AND Wanda! Thank you Ellen for sharing yourself with all of us.By the way I STILL DANCE in elevators lol.
Peace and Blessings,Kellie

Kellie Stine
Ellening Gets Adorable!
594 days ago

I get so happy and "teary" when you help such amazing,deserving people! Thank you so much for all that you do to make the world a "kinder" place...Hugs,Peace & Blessings,,,Kellie

Kellie Stine
Message from Ellen
620 days ago

I couldn't see the message for 11/15,,,figures,it's probably the one I need to see the most! lol Loved the show today,I want a "She's Car" when it's equipped with the "find a man" app.when my friends try to set me up on a blind date,my 1st ? is "Is he blind?" With my bone disease my spine is twisted like tree roots so I wouldn't want him to see me! LOL I would love to do what Amy doe's especially with my condition,it could be fun and hilarious,like Quasimodo pretending to be a Chippendale Dancer! Thank you for providing laughter and love to the world...Peace and Blessings,,,Kellie

Kellie Stine
We Fondled Ourselves
631 days ago

I was laughing so hard my tummy hurt and I cried,thank you so much for making my days better!