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Keith Dickerson
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Hobbies Youth basketball coach hanging out with my family
About Me I am a happily married father of 6. My family is my life. I coach a youth basketball team with my wife.
Keith Dickerson
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394 days ago

Dear Ellen, Im writing to you because my wife who is my best friend and hero loves your show. I had a heart attack a 2 years ago. Im only 43 yrs old, afterwards I found out I had severe hypertension,kidney disease due to the hypertension and congestive heart failure. We as a family have struggled quite a bit after my illness. My wife Marsha who works as a caregiver for mentally challenged adults works very hard to support us,but she only makes minimum wage. I do receive disability but it does little to offset our bills. for the most part in spite all our troubles we have a very happy family. between us we have 6 children 3 of whom are adults but we have a 14yr old 12yr old and an 11yr old. Our 14yr old is a very talented young lady. She's a dancer who loves what she does and wants to hopefully enroll in Julliard one day. My wife and take what we have for to take dance classes because we don't want our lack of money to be the reason she can't do the things she loves to do. We would rather go without than disappoint any of our children. She often feels guilty for the amount of money that we spend on her because she feels that it could go towards something much more important than her. She's not your typical teenager she thinks more of everyone else than herself. I don't feel comfortable asking anyone for help because I feel like it's my job to provide for my family. Call it foolish pride but they are my responsibility first and foremost. I hate to see my wife leave for work in the mornings,she leaves at 6am and sometimes doesn't come home until midnight. But she never complains or gives me a hard time for not being well she just goes on with a smile everyday. Even when she's sick I can't convince her to stay home.That's why she's my hero and I want this for all of her hardwork. I couldn't ask for a better wife. Even if you can't help us I thank you for just taking the time to read this message.

Keith R. ****erson