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Kaylin Cain
Name Kaylin Cain
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Hobbies Watching films, Keeping up with factual items, Balloon Art. Watching or reading anything inspirational.
About Me Born in London, England - youngest of 5 girls. Highlights of my life - my son - working for Virgin, Sega and in Broadcasting - especially for NBC covering the London Olympics this year. First time working with Americans - excellent people - just like family - love them to bits!
Kaylin Cain
Cat Week! Matthew Perry and Justin Bartha
643 days ago

Hello Ellen,

Just seen your interview with Jennifer Livingstone (I am in London, England so we are a week behind unfortunately). I was quite looking forward to the interview as after working behind the scenes in Broadcasting in the UK I am trying to get a TV presenter role but i the UK they like to put forward more size 8 then size 18. Size and health is important but most important things in life is good friends and family. Seeing and hearing people come into your living room with positive information - Jennifer as a presenter has an powerful and important role. It is the individual person's choice how they chose to look and Jennifer like me I am sure would love to be slimmer but we have to work with what we have at present!