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Kayli Howard
Name Kayli Howard
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Hobbies I like to sing and dance, I sing in Japanese most often since I am infatuated with Anime. I also draw and watch Ellen with my mother.
About Me I'm 19 years old, I've been a big fan of Ellen ever since I'd seen Finding Nemo when I was quite young (about 6 or 7 I belive). I've always enjoyed her humor as well as singing and dancing along with the music when she goes to a commercial. I was about 14 when I actually discovered her 12 days of giveaways. During that time we were behind on our house and Christmas was donated to us from the people at my mom's work for about 3 years. We're finally on stable ground again and Christmas is back to being full of surprise and wonder, but one day I hope to make it back up to them. During those times I always looked to Ellen for a laugh so I could leave behind the stress of leaving my childhood home and bouncing from house to house. I'm so grateful for the laughs. Thank you Ellen. <3
Kayli Howard
Puppy-Rescuing Firefighters Get a Surprise
273 days ago

I would like to nominate the Independence, Missouri animal shelter. Just last year our shelter became a no kill shelter but lately the number of pets ending up there has become an issue including space and money. I'd love to surprise the pets as well as the employees and volunteers taking care of them with this. Thank you for reading and your time and consideration,

Kayli Howard