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Name Kay
Location London, UK
Age 27
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Hobbies Work, watching Tv, spending time with my gf. Watching ellen videos. Walking along the beach and sometimes play tennis
About Me 26yr old bi fem from kent,London, UK. Love my gf lots. Been together 5 yrs. Im Epileptic and continue to face daily struggles but I manage to stay positive as I believe there are people out there far worse off than me. I am thankful to my employer for allowing me to earn a living and make my way life. I have a disabled mum who has hydrocephalus and she is my inspiration. She had brain surgery last year and is doing great and lifes good for her, my dad is her rock. I help as much as I can but I feel I cannot do a lot for her due to my own health problems. Anyway enough of the sad stuff, I enjoy watching ellen as she helps make my day better as laughter is the best medicine xxxx
Will and Jaden Smith!
443 days ago

Oooh I'm hoping its at least someone from Arrested Development (Portia! Portia! Portia!) please let it be Portia as I love it when she comes on as a guest, she is sooo funny!

Jane Lynch, Kenny Chesney
461 days ago

Excellent... I love Jane Lynch and Ellen so much, they seriously need to star in a show together, or a movie.
I think Ellen should star in Glee as Sue's long lost sister or something. They are so fantastic together! True inspirations and my ultimate favourite people (including Portia of course, oh and Lara) Ellen and Jane are my lesbian crush's LOL xxx
Can't wait to see the youtube video of Ellen interviewing Jane.
Brilliant! Xxx
From Ellen & Janes biggest fan in the UK xx