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Katrina Swan
Name Katrina Swan
Location Merrill, Wisconsin
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Hobbies playing with my son and watching Ellen and the TV show Heartland
About Me I am a mother of one and I love my son very much. I work as a CNA at North Central Health Care in Wausau Wisconsin. I work more than I would like to but I think that is most everyone :)
Katrina Swan
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223 days ago

Hi Ellen,
So I have to say I love your show! When I come home for work and I have had a bad day I look forward to watching your show so it can make me smile and happy. This past year has been fun exciting and very sad all in the same
I Got a job that I love. I work at North Central Health Care in the Rehab Unit. Although as much as I love my job it is hard to stay positive when everyone around you is in bad spirit's because they don't look at the good side that at least they have a job there are so many people out there today that don't and they don't know where there next meal is coming from. I am just happy to have a job I may have to work 35 hours of over time a week and try to come home and spend some time with my son before he goes to bed but that is what any parent should be doing to provide for there family.
Next thing that happened in the last year my family lost an amazing lady. She was my grandma and we kind of looked at her as to the godmother of the family. she knew what was going on with everyone before you told her. But if you needed some help and you didn't know where else to go or what else to do then you went to her.
Lastly my son was born on November 23rd 2012 of last year he is an amazing little boy (and all the ladies love him). He has changed my live so much but I would not change it for the world I used to want my weekend to come so I could go out and drink with the friends and now all I want is that weekend every other week to spend time with him and find out all the things I have missed during work.
So all I wanted to say is Ellen I love your show and I love to just come home and get that hour to watch you to get from work stress to a great mood and the rest of the night is spent playing with my son so thanks again ellen