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Katrina Mitchell
Name Katrina Mitchell
Location Pasadena, calif
Age 47
Joined 685 days ago
Hobbies read books, concerts, cooking, going to the movies, eating, being a couch potato
About Me I am a mother of 5, married for about 15yrs(together 8) I am always bumming it at home. Got injured at wrk so I am bored!! Although I love my kids/husband but I sure need a vacation or go to the spa and have some me time that I think I deserve!!!! oh ya, have another chance to see ELLEN on her show! ANYWAYS, life is a box of chocolates.....
Katrina Mitchell
Win 12 Day Tickets from the Ellen Shop!
247 days ago

Ellen, I logged on since last month and did the date that was available like todays date and no staff of yours called me.. who makes the decisions in choosen who gets to go to your show?? Please explain! Overall love your show!!

Katrina Mitchell
Ellen Scares Sean Hayes
300 days ago

OMG!! Sean Hayes is still funny! Much needed to be back on for some real comedy!! He still is a handsome fella. Wil N Grace was N awezome comedy! Ellen I love it when Sean made you laugh!! Was that a tree that scared him?? He screamed like a lil girl!! To funny!! GRIMM OH YEESS!!! Can't wait to see that!!! Anyways love ya Ellen..

Katrina Mitchell
Message from Ellen
584 days ago

Ellen, I give up on entering more of your contest. I can not keep up with all the Jones! Sorry for giving up on this contest. I did everything I could to log on to FB, twitter, instagram eyc.. god luck to all fans who have entered that have won and the ones that have not yet won like me!!!


Katrina Mitchell
Win All of the Prizes from Day 3 of 12 Days!
602 days ago

Anyway, again good luck to all those who have won and for the ones who are still trying, good luck! My son, his two friends were the lucky ones who will be on the show today! On his FB page he comments and told everyone that they recieved awesome gifts and that wev had to toon in and watch Ellen! My hat is off to you John an friend! Enjoy your gifts!! Trust me, we are not jealous that you John won!!!! Share a litle love in your hearts!! :)

Katrina Mitchell
Win All The Prizes from Day 2 of 12 Days!
603 days ago

Anyway, I am still trying to win these fabuloso prizes.. good luck to all who have won and to those who are still trying like me good luck!! Katrina

Katrina Mitchell
Worried About Gifts This Season?
604 days ago

Anyway Ellen, I wish I can buy my five kids and husband everything but I can't. What they need is all and then some. We are maxed out on our credit cards that we barely got them enough for three gifts each. I figured since you Ellen are asking for what type of gifts we should buy, why not you ask them if you choose me then they can tell you what they all want for Christmas. I think that will be easier for all of us. I know they won't ask for much but coming from you they might want more from what I think they want. From the bottom of their hearts they are happy for us to be together for the holidays.. Anyway, good luck to all who get their wishies in for the loves one they care about..... katrina

Katrina Mitchell
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
605 days ago

Anyway Ellen, good luck to all your winners this year that have that chance to go and win all your prizes! For all of us who didn't win(like me) we all sure will be watching and cheering for those who got that chance to go! Ellen, you are the greatest and forever will be blessed for the kind person that you are!!!!! Happy Holidays.....

Alway, Katrina <3