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About Me My name is Katrina Winding one 14 yr old daughter destinee the love of my life.I'm a disabled Navy vet I spend most of my time as a stay at home mom and watching Ellen show.I live in Natchez Ms and lookin forward to being picked to be on my best friend in my head for it is Ellen who makes my day much better she is the greatiest person on earth P I no that you are happy I hope and pray that you all can keep the love going forever more!! Love you Katrina
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599 days ago

Hi there!!
Miley's Bachelorette Party: Oh Hell, Yeah!
606 days ago

Dat was the boom !!! I love her haircut Ellen made it worth the while and then she asked if she could keep the money !!!ASWOME!!
Day 2 of 12 Days of Giveaways!
606 days ago

Hi Ellen my 14yr daughter destinee as well as myself and husband we just no that its so hard for you to pick everyone to be on the show.However I'm just praying and waiting on the special moment for I truly feel it will come.I just pray that GOD will keep you here blessing people if the world had more people like you who didn't let money change them it would be a much better place.Love Winding Family Natchez Ms
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606 days ago

Greetings from Katrina of Natchez Ms it's imperative that you keep inspiring people for all your act of kindness without a doubt you hold 1st place in HEAVEN. love Winding family