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Name Katlynn
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Hobbies Hanging with Friends, Being a Belieber ,Shopping, being a normal teenager
About Me I am a 15year old girl living in Canada! I am inlove with Justin Drew Bieber! he all i talk about! i cant wait till the day he Follows me on Twitter! i live with my mom Angela and my grandparents, Eldon and Sandra. i also live with my brother and sister bot younger, Lane and Cheyenne. my dad was divorced from us since i was 5 or something...we don't talk much about him. I go to Hunting Hills High School in Red Deer Alberta! i am in Grade 10 going into 11! I have many friends and they all call me Kaay (my Nickname) but no Best friends! i have 2 cats Chettos and Buggs, i also have a Lizzard named lizzie! Haha! well not sure what else to tell you! just that im the biggest Belieber! i dont own much JB stuff Cause i have to get it all myself and have to wait to get money. Well thats about it! thx for reading! :) ~KaayDawnVandevelde! <3 <3 #JustinDrewBieber #Idol #TrueBelieber
Justin Bieber
482 days ago

I really want to meet Justin so bad! I worry one day that i wont ever get to meet him and live my Dream! Justin tells us Beliebers that we have to follow our dreams...i want to but i'm scared i won't ever get to the end of it! there are so many Beliebers out there! Please it would mean the world to me if i could just spend the day with Justin, be his OLLG and watch his concert front row where i can feel him touch me! i have nothing of his stuff cause my parents think that its stupid to Fan girl this much about Justin! i Tweet him all the time..i always miss him when i get on! So please it would mean the world to me! im one of the biggest Beliebers in my school! In my family i am the only one. Justin is all i talk about literally! my mom said that if he can come back to Calgary or Edmonton and i get my money caught together then i could go, but i honestly have no chance of making that... :( please im not trying to make you give in this is my dream! i want this more than anything in the whole world! Well it was worth a shot i hope you consider what i say! thx for reading! Love Katlynn Dawn Vandevelde :) #Beliebers4Life #Idol #FollowMeOnTwitterPlease @BieberKaay97 <3 <3