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Name Katie
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Hobbies Hanging out with my fiancé and pets, outside preferably.
About Me My name is Katie, I've been with my fiancé 5 years and we are expecting our first baby in September 2013. We have one dog and one kitty that are just as much apart of our family as our little girl will be.
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439 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I love your show and you for that matter. I'm pregnant with my first (a baby girl) she is due September 14th and I couldn't be more excited to be a mother. Life got rough right after we found out I was pregnant. My fiancé was already on a seasonal leave at work and I was let go from my job a week after finding out, I found a job a month later but we've been struggling to keep up! I wish the money we had in savings could have went to buying any and everything for our baby girl but instead went bills. Your so sweet for everything you do.
Katie P.