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Kathy Young
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Kathy Young
Kellie Pickler Shaves Her Head in Solidarity
679 days ago

Ellen, I am so glad that you are featuring "Breast Cancer Awareness." I am 68 years old and was not the least bit rattled when I was diagnosed in 2003. I had a lumpectomy surgery, and my surgeon called and said,"Oops." He said "it had fingers and I would need another surgery to remove more tissue & to plant a port." I then went to my new oncologist and had chemo. I think it was too soon after having had surgery and got a terrible infection. My surgeon told me to go to a support group. I went and learned about peppermint oil, 3rd day, and taking my Zofran the evening of the 2nd day b/4 bedtime. I thought when I went in there that I would be among others my age. I was shocked that the majority of the women in that meeting were "30 something." I dropped out of the group because I could not sit there and tell these young women, most of whom had babies, that I was not the least bit scared of the "Big C." They would cry and talk about not seeing their children start 1st grade, graduate or marry. And the most trajic thing about this is that some of them really didn't. Get your mommograms, ultra-sounds!!! I nag my daughters about this because, they can lose me and get over it, but no child should have to grow up without a mom. In 2007 I relapsed & just finished my 5-year-free tests. My time with my girls, my grandies, my husband & friends will have to put with this old woman a little longer. Kathy Young