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Dear Ellen,Today I stopped by my local JCPenney store in Manchester Ct @ The Buckland Mall. I asked the clerk at the photo dept for a button and was told I could only recieve one if I made a purchase.I told her I believed the rules stated no purchase necessary.Her response was I would either have to make a purchase or request a button in the mail. I smiled and said I would get one else where.Her response was "GOOD".I left feeling a bit mortifyed and totaly lost my urge to shop. I had asked for her name she told me but I was so distracted I can't even remember it. Still othering me when I got home I called the photo store and asked for the manager.The fellow who answered said he was the manager I asked his name he told mehe was Bill. I told him what happened and he said the clerk was RIGHT. I mentioned the instruction card says No purchase necessary "OR" you can ask for one by mail. His response was well stop by tomorrow and he'd give me a button. Never heard I'm sorry for anything and he surely didn't sound sincere. I would never want to deal with them for a photo deal.Would You? What do you think of thi? Still Bummed! Thank you,Kathy