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Kathy Thomas
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594 days ago

Hi Ellen, I would be so grateful if a could be a winner during your 12 days of Christmas. As many people, I am down in luck and grateful for everything I do have. I have a son who is 29 and an extremely talented artist. He was able to go to college an receive a Bachelor's Degree, but as the saying goes, he is a starving artist, working at a hardware store with student loans he is trying to pay. He lives with me because I have demyelinating cerebrovascular disease and alot of other crap that makes me a little dangerous to live alone...LOL. My 6 year old son died from medulloblastoma, a brain cancer, in 1998. I miss him so badly every day. His name was Ricky and was the light of our lives. While Ricky was sick, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and his lung surgery was scheduled the day of Ricky's funeral, so he postponed it to be able to come to the funeral. We then lost me dad the next year. Approximately 6 years ago, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, she is still here with us! I am on disablity, but was able to maintain working some hours until 2 years ago. I can't even buy a used car to get around. My 78 year young mother drives me everywhere, bless her heart! If there was anyway for you to help me out, I sure would appreciate it, Ellen. Thanks so much for making us laugh everyday!

Kathy Thomas
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595 days ago

I am glad that I am not the only that dances like that!