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Kathy Sperkoski
Name Kathy Sperkoski
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Hobbies Quilting Hiking camping sewing for my kids and for my church for children in Uganda and Apalacia.
About Me I have 6 children 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I love nature and being in the mountains with my husband Bryan. I have a wonderful family and life and Thank God everyday for all my blessings
Kathy Sperkoski
Win All the Prizes from Day 8 of 12 Days!
240 days ago

First, I love how you how you treat people with such respect on your show. My daughter Candi watches your show everyday and talks about how she would love to meet you. She has just finfished her last treatment for Breast Cancer and is awaiting the results of her test to find out if it all worked out and I would love nothing more than to be able to have her win tickets to your Christmas shows. She has been through so much this past year and it would be a true blessing for her to have something to be really happy about. I hope you will consider her as a candidate. Thank you so much Kathy