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Quote of the Day: Ellen's Daughter
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Ellen, please if there is anything that you could do for my daughter paige. Paige had cancer 9 1/2 years ago. Shei is in remission now. Paige had leukemia and went through some heavy duty chemo and needed a bone marrow transplant. My son at six years old was a match we were very lucky. My son Tyler is a hero. When he turns 18 he wants to be a doner again. Paige had complications before transplant and almost didn't survive but she did and we are honored to have her in our life. She is one of the toughest people I know. The Chemo caused some problems, she is hearing impaired and will not grow much more. So what I was hoping for is for Paige with her best friend and sister to be able to meet One Direction. Please if you can help her dream come true. And also we love you Ellen. Kathy