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kathy simmons
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About Me no longer works- home on permanent disability but its ok because i have 4 great grandkids that stop by all the time and have a granddaughter that calls me everyday to check up on me.i have adopted a yellow lab through a rescue group that keeps me company throughout the day. my husband steve still works (thank god) and 1 daughter who is always there for me. thankyou ELLEN for making me smile everyday. You are truly gifted to be able to have this affect on people.
kathy simmons
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442 days ago

OK- I think that it is time to have a week for "kids audience" !!!! There are so many kids that watch on a regular basis and would love to see you. My granddaughter LILLIANA (7 yrs) loves to dance and sing and watches your show everyday . Please consider having a childrns week and i will be looking to appy for tickets for kids week !!!