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About Me I am a public school counselor for a middle school in NW AR. I am married and have 2 grown children and a grandaughter.
Kathy Poff
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161 days ago

I am a Middle School counselor in Green Forest AR. I am aware of a desperate living situation and daily hardships of a family currently in our school district. They have lost 2 family members in the past 3 weeks and the family is living in a old chicken house, with a one room area quilted off with a wood stove for warmth. They have had no water in the house for approximately 56 days now because of a major winter storm that burst their well and water pipes. The mother works hard at the local chicken processing plant, but fell and broke her ribs last week. She struggles and continues to go to work everyday to feed her family in spite of doctors orders not to, but she can't miss any more work. I just happened upon this family and their struggles when I made a home visit after the sudden death of her son. Please note this woman would never ask for anything, but she and her 3 children could certainly use your help. Thank you Ellen, I know you will have compassion for her and her hurting family.