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Kathy Pendley
Name Kathy Pendley
Location Tifton, Georgia
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Hobbies watching T.V.
About Me I'm on my disability I have 3 sons and 8grandchildren and I have a cocker spaniel I would have more but I have to live with someone and he won't let me have anymore.But maybe someday I can get my own place!
Kathy Pendley
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428 days ago

Dear Ellen, I watch your show everyday in fact you are the bright spot in my day. I live alone and I'm living on my disability and I could relly use the money. You see i'm relly in need of a car that I can drive back and forth to the Dr. once a month. You see Iv'e had 5 back surgery and I have to see a Dr once a month for the pain So if you can see it in your Heart to help me I would be so grateful to you.You see I don't get enough money every month to even make a car payment and keep a place to live but here in Ga. That much money I could buy a car and a moble home and then all I would have to pay would be lot rent and then maybe I could have some money sometimes to buy my Grandchildren some thing's they want and need So please help me Ellen if you can.

Kathy Pendley
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595 days ago

Hello Ellen,I write to you so much I feel like we are best friends,Which is so nice scence I don't have a best friend.I stay so sick all the time no one wants to hang around me.I guess when your sick all the time its all you think about so when you see someone its all you ever talk about so after awhile the ones you thought was your friends just stop comming around.So I wanted to thank you for letting me write to you and tell you my problems like real friends do.But Ellen I need so much I don't no where to start.I relly need a way of going becouse I go to the Dr's so much.Plus Ellen I have 8 grandchildren and they rang in ages 5to22 and becouse I live on my disability I never have any money for extras. And Ellen I feel like such a filure when thire other grandparents are giving them things I can't afford to give them.SO if you would just consider me for one of the 12days and help me get a way of going I would be forever grateful to you, and Ellen if you would call me so I would no you atleast got my letter it would make me so very very Happy.Your Fan For Ever Kathy(229-848-0104)

Kathy Pendley
You Write, Ellen Responds!
597 days ago

Dear Ellen,I no I write to you alot but I see all the good you do for everyone els and Ellen if you would help me I would be forever grateful to you.I have never won anything in my life and I no thire are alot of others who needs help this time of year.But Ellen I have 8 grandchildren who I'm not gonna be able to buy anything for becouse I live on a fixed income and I alway's get the blues this time of year becouse I'm never able to get anyone any thing so Ellen if you could just help me I would relly be grateful Your Fan KATHY.

Kathy Pendley
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600 days ago

Dear Ellen,I alway's watch your show and I write to you all the time.I wish I could come and see you But times are so hard this time of year when you live on a fixed income.And I live in Ga.and that is a long way's away.I'm happy for all your winners but just once I wish I could win something.But just no I will always be your fan.