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Kathy mcclinton
Name Kathy mcclinton
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About Me I am a single 57 year old woman I have a big family which is dear to me. I have two pets. Willis (registered name Whatcha Talon Bout Willis) a Westie 3 years old I rescued from a family thatwas not talking care of him I also have a Scottie 2 years old named Rosemary Kate. My oldest and youngest brothers bought Rosie for me when my other Scottie Amy got out of the dense and was killed in the highway.
Kathy mcclinton
Puppy-Rescuing Firefighters Get a Surprise
276 days ago

I would like to nominate the Animal Rescue Shelter in Macon, GA. A couple weeks ago this shelter was broken into and the invaders let the dogs out. Try killed 3 dogs and many were hurt. They did thousands of dollars of damage and hurt many dogs. I live in SC but feel that this Shelter is in need to monetary contributions. It breaks my heart that ism unable to help as I am on disability with a fixed income. Please feel free to check information