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kathy lawler
Name kathy lawler
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Hobbies family, life's natural wonders of the great outdoors, camping, water sports...sporting events, music, dance..
About Me I am a very loving caring woman, whose mission is to help others, who are less fortunate.; Single mother of two, care for disabled brother since our mom passed..Unemployed, depressed, but always will understand and care, respect, as well as my children. We don't lie cheat or steal, we dont' have much, live basic and are satisfied
kathy lawler
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601 days ago

Dearest Ellen.. AS we so much love you.. REGRETS that we cannot enter everyday... since we do not have internet at home, nor do we always have tv reception. We don't have cable tv... SOOOOOOOO we hope and pray you understand... and still consider our family... ANYTHING WOULD BE SOOOOO MUCH APPREciated during these hard times in our lives... LUV AND PEACE TO ALL...:-))....

kathy lawler
Ellen's Plea for Sandy Relief
629 days ago

My dearest daughter at the age of 13, compiles all our clothes we als don't want .. anymore and put into boxes and bags. She's put together some "care" packages and wants to PERSONALLY DRIVE to NY City ( 5-hours away).. to personally deliver and help out over the weekend, since We have no school on Monday and Tuesday next week... WHAT AN AWESOME THOUGHT OF CARING and loving.....! ! :-))....Blessings and prayers to everyone..:-))..