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Kathy Johnson
Name Kathy Johnson
Location modesto, ca
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Hobbies artist, yoga, ballet barre, hiking, biking, motorcycle
About Me right now boring- getting ready for 4th lumbar fusion so will be watching lots of Ellen. Also was on her 2nd show of this season with Brittany and Simon.
Kathy Johnson
Heads Up! Zooey Gives Clues to Ellen
202 days ago

I am also an 8 year breast cancer survivor. I am on ss because of 4 fusions in my back. I want Ellen to know I volunteer at Alexander Cohen Hospice House in Hughson a few hours a week. People that hve 5 days or less to live can go there for free where they are treated divinely.Any of their family friends an stay in the room too overnite. I have been turning on Ellen show for them and watch it and they laugh too. I guess it gives new meaning to the term dying while laughing, It makes me happy to see the smile and laugh.

Kathy Johnson
You Write, Ellen Responds!
494 days ago