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Kathy Jo Wall
Name Kathy Jo Wall
Location Jackson, Missouri
Age 42
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Hobbies baking, cake decorating, spending time with my kids
About Me I am the proud mom of two wonderful kids, I was able to stay home with them until my baby was in high school, then started working. I work full time in the bank at a casino in our hometown.
Kathy Jo Wall
Ellen the Matchmaker: Carmen Electra and Lenny Kravitz
253 days ago

I love your show! My daughter and I watch it daily, can't live without it! I want you to know that my daughter has recently come out to me, as she spoke those words..."Mom, I'm gay", she hung her head down, expecting me to scream, cry, belittle, whatever.... I took her face in my hand, lifted it up to mine and told her that she's not allowed to hang her head in shame, she is a very beautiful and bright young woman and that I am very proud of her. Being gay is not any different than anyone else, Love is love in any form. I will always be here for her and she will always be the best daughter a woman can ever have!!! then I went on to add.... "Plus, there are a few cute girls at my work that I would love to introduce to you!!" She just laughed at me, hugged me, and said..."Mom, really?!?" What do you think ? Was that a yes??