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kathy harris
Name kathy harris
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Hobbies gardening and golfing
About Me hi ellen it's me again, i am a very youthful look and personally, we would be great together. we are both so funny. i would love to meet u one day, when i can afford it. Everybody tells u what a wonderful person u are, and u can take that to the bank. love u ellen
kathy harris
Ellen is Going to Australia!
539 days ago

hi Ellen not much more then i can say since i written letters before. oh Ellen please pick my husband & I. I didn't realize the trips around my birthday, another reason why u should pick us. I love u and your show, it makes me crack up every time i see it. even if you don't pick us, at least i learned how to upload my goofy picture. You are so kind and giving to people in need, you are a very special person. keep it up!!!!