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Kathy Gullick
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Hobbies Nursing and taking care of my family
About Me I am a 55 yr old nursing student. I have been a home maker most of my life until my husband got cancer and the economy crashed eliminating the income from my husband trade for over 30 years. When i graduate things will hopefully improve. And watching Ellen can make that go away at least for one hour.
Kathy Gullick
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245 days ago

Dear Ellen,

Love your show and watch every day. I think you are the kindest person I know. You have such a great aptitude and know how to make people fine he good in things in life and keep them laughing.

To explain in detail what has happened to our family, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in December, 2005. At that time he worked for Mercedes Homes in Charlotte, NC. He has been in the residential building business for over 30 years. He had his first surgery March, 2006. He became very ill post op and was put into ICU at which time his surgery came apart and he was back in the operating room. During this surgery, he ended up with a colostomy bag, a wound vac and finally ended up at home in a hospital bed with an at-home nurse, in addition to myself, for his care.

After 13 weeks of healing, the real estate market started to diffuse and he was subsequently laid off from Mercedes Homes. Since my husband was laid off and could not continue to work in the traditional sense, he continued in real estate development and had to invest in those ventures. He had to go back to the hospital every month for a barium enema to see if his bowels were still leaking and/or recovering from the surgery. At this point he was not able to physically work. In July he was operated on again at Presbyterian hospital to reconnect his colon, however, to no avail – his bowels were still leaking and he still came out of surgery with a colostomy bag. My husband was very ill through all of this.

We stayed current on our bills as long as we could by using our equity line of credit with Wachovia. This started our downhill spin. My husband ended up at Duke University Hospital in February of 2008 at the Cancer Research Institute for further testing and finally another surgery in March. As a result of all of my husband’s surgeries, he wound up with three hernias that were massive and as a result was referred to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. He had this surgery in July 2008 and this took many weeks to recover. My husband remains cancer free.

As if this wasn’t enough, eight days after he was home from the hospital, on his first venture away from home, we were hit head on in our car which was totaled and we all suffered injuries and were ambulanced to Lake Norman Regional Medical Center for
care. My son had broken teeth and a cracked jaw, I had a broken hand, and my husband’s staples came apart and he ended up back at Carolinas Medical Center for further treatment.

We never dreamed any of his could happen to our family. I am cleaning homes for 2 Moms & a Mop, working part-time a Nursing Home as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and working towards my Associate Degree of Nursing at Mitchell Community College in Statesville, NC and should graduate in May 2014 (I will be 56). My husband is feeling better can continues to try and find work where he can. We are trying very hard to get our lives back on a more normal route, and we so very much would like to stay in our home.

We finally lost our home to foreclosure in August 2013. My husband did find a job doing apartment renovations in May of 2013 but was laid off again in October 2013.
We have no money to buy our four boys Christmas gift this year.

Thanks for listening to a tired and worn out person.


David L. & Kathy A. Gullick