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Kathy Carlgren
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About Me I am the VP and Director of Intake and Foster for the Yerington Area Cat Control shelter(YACC) We are located in beautiful Mason Valley an hour away from Carson City, NV 125 Hwy 339, Yerington, NV 89447 our phone number is 775-463-9222 (YACC) and we are open 7 days a week from 10 am to 3 PM.
Kathy Carlgren
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268 days ago

I would like to nominate the Yerington Area Cat Control Shelter in Yerington, NV. We are a small private non-profit shelter and the only all cat shelter in Lyon County, NV. We have no paid volunteers and our volunteers are comprised of retired, disabled and youth and others that are still in the workforce. The connection between our volunteers and our cats and kittens is amazing. We have a great foster program and spay and neuter program. We have only been in business for a year and a half and that works against us when it comes to receiving grants. We have taken in over 200 fur babies and our adoption rate is 79% but we can do more with your help. In Northern NV cats are the forgotten homeless and dog programs outnumber cat programs almost 10 to 1. Our shelter has not only been hugely successful in finding homes for homelss kittens and cats but has given new purpose to our retired and disabled citizens and also an opportunity to teach children about volunteerism. Our youngest volunteer is 9 and our oldest is 74. This shelter has changed not just the lives of our fur babies but also the lives of our volunteers. This is a shelter worthy of receiving your grant it not only impacts our future to provide medical, spay and neuter, and re-homing opportunities; it also provides the connection of multi-generational people working together to learn from each other and to pass on the importance of volunteerism.