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Kathy Bigelow
Name Kathy Bigelow
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About Me I am a mother of two I Love watching Ellen , I am a good person I dont know too much about social media so im not good at posting things on a computer . I cant even post a picture of my self to send to Ellen , But I have tried ohh and I cant spell for shit and do not know spell check on this borrowed computer , but any you rock Ellen , love ya.
Kathy Bigelow
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357 days ago

ohhhhh Miss. Ellen , I came home to find a extra sad note in my mail box it read Thank you for the gift for our wedding and thank you for being such good neighbors but than she told us she was moving due to loosing her home wow we are talking about a really wonderful person that just went through breast cancer and than she met the love of her life and now she is loosing her home .I did not think of what can I do I just thought Ellen can help her I know she can really she is a really great person and I wish so much to help but can not we have a little tiny home we rent next to her but she was buying her home I know she is so so so sad please Ellen we need you thanks so much Kathy

Kathy Bigelow
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401 days ago

oooooohhhhhhhh ELLEN, OMG OMG OMG CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THE BUICK , IT ROCKS , ohh and so do you Love your show and the talent you have on it makes me smile every day . Any way I [NEED] ,A CAR SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOO BADDDDDDDDDDD''WE NEED TO GET ME A JOB BUT WE NEED A CAR TO DO SO . Welove you and always will expect to see you at my door of my humble home one day until we meet you take care love ya KATHY

Kathy Bigelow
Message from Ellen
415 days ago

Wow looks like your having a great time in AUSTRALIA , just make sure you come back to ware you belong right at home with all your crazy fans that love ya we could not handle our Ellen , to belong to someone but us . We love ya have a safe trip .

Kathy Bigelow
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565 days ago

Hello Ellen Happy New year well I really hope it to be one , I have ben feeling a little sad due to alot of un paid things in our life , not like I have went out and got alot of stuff , because we dont have really much of things but boy oh boy we got alot of love we just keep telling each othor we are going to be ok but damn sometimes you just have to vent . so I am using your web sight to do so you really do make people smile every day I hope you know you are sometimes a reason to just get up out of bed for some people your shinney smile and caring true eyes let people know thair is hope god bless Ellen xo Kathy B.

Kathy Bigelow
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595 days ago

OHHHH, Ellen, i have been a fan sence the first day of your show ,you stold my heart along with many othors we just love you sooo much me and my Sisters ohh and mom too we love everything you stand for we would love to come see you some time any way Merry Christmas and happy New Year LOVE from Westland MICHIGAN '' Kathy B.