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Name Kathy
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Hobbies like to play pool,going to the casino,bowling,camping,walks ocean
About Me Iám a widow of 17 yrs,have 4 grown kids and 9 g-kids.retired
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
549 days ago

Have an awesome Birthday Ellen...I will be watching to show,so I can be there with you on that special day.. How is your Mom doing? Hope her back is all better now,It would have been awesome to be there in person for your Birthday Show, Hopefully one of these day I could. My Birthday is on the Feb $th I will be 66 I have had an awesome Journey so far,Thanks for all the Laughs..

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594 days ago

Hi Ellen
I love your show,and watch it almost everyday,You do so much for alot of people.I would love to win one of the 12 days of Christmas,But would give that all up for a Trip to see My Sister in Florida.I have written to you before,But I know your so busy...I understand,We haven't seen each other for 17 yrs,and haven't shared Christmas together for 54 yrs.We are both getting up there in age she is 72,and me 65...I hope you can make this the Best Christmas Ever...Keep up the good work.. Have an awesome Christmas..