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Name Kathy
Location Myrtle Beach, SC
Age 59
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Hobbies Wjite Whitewater boating I love love, hiking, anything outside and especially with water. DANCING, Reading and of course COOKING!
About Me After going thru a divorce at 50 I decided to change careers from graphic design to going to the Le Cordon Bleu Scottsdale Culinary Institute. I should have had my head examined starting that career at 50, no experience, but I did it and I am still hoping for a great job cooking on a BOAT of any kind and/or as a private chef for a family!!! I have one absolutely perfect son that is currently working on his Ph.D. in marine sciences, and he lets me help him with his research of tracking the endangered Black Diamond Terrapins. It's lonesome being by yourself at this age. So I just ride my bike everywhere (no vehicle) and keep busy!! Thanks for asking. LOL XXOO
Lea Michele on Cory Monteith
222 days ago

Thank you Ellen for spreading your love and laughter with ALL. After a gloomy day I know I can come home and let you turn my day around by turning you on. It's a pleasure to live vicariously through YOU, your guests, and your hard working - LUCKY - "family crew" of employees. I don't have any idea, except I'm 50 something, what took me so long to join in on the "network" stuff!!! LOL XXOO