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About Me I must preface my 'intro' with hopes it isn't 'too much info'. I've struggled with this in order to register, so I can submit an animal shelter for the grant you mentioned on your Monday, Oct 28th show . Why I am telling about my own struggles is to maybe show others that even when you think things can't get any worse they often can. But you still can contribute & help others, just in a different way. ~K I'm a new fan of your show but a long time fan of your talent. Since you appeared on Johnny Carson, a new comedian, so refreshingly funny, you've kept me laughing ever since. The laughter continues thanks to your show. I'm home because of a 'bump'in life, a medical problem called kidney nsufficiency. It proved to be the culprit of my being sick last year. Fatigue wasn't new to me; it's a symptom of Fibromylagia, which was the first 'bump' 12 years earlier.With that onset, everything changed: work, social life, good income, volunteering. I was able to keep up my rent, utilities and food for over a year and ½ but it depleted my funds. I had to give in and go on early Social Security for disability. Depression often accompanies FM because of how quickly things change. I had to overlook painful comments from some, saying it was all in my head. I would respond ' I understand, I might be skeptical too'. Feeling no need to defend myself was pivotal for me. I didn't need anyones approval! I had just moved to Vermont for a job relocation 8 months earlier so there wasn't time to meet many people. I could have packed up and gone home but my move was more than the work, it was always my wish to return to my beloved New England. Being born in Boston, I promised myself if unmarried by 50, I would return. Funny thing is, the job offer came several days after I turned 50! The stress of being sick on a new job was tearing me up but I knew the man upstairs would strengthen me; doctors say any FM patient needs family and friends for support. Having neither I knew I'd be fine because I had the man upstairs, email/ phone calls, faith and determination. Fast forward seven years, I started volunteering. It wasn't easy some days as is the case with FM but I knew I had to push through it and adjust to the discomfort if it would most likely be with me from now on. It went well until May of 2012. Everything increased in intensity and frequency; fatigue, pain and spasms now so intense it was frightening. Nothing I did before was helping and it was getting worse. Cutting my volunteer hours didn't help so by October I reluctantly asked for a leave. That was a year ago this week. I was convinced I would be back in a few weeks maybe a month. Nothing improved. Then in November the doctors found this kidney condition and a severe vitamin deficiency both known to cause what I was experiencing. Today after 9 months of good doctors, medications, injections for muscles, eating regularly, drinking lots of “Pur “ water, and positive thinking, I've recently begun to feel better for longer periods of time. I'm encouraged! Still unable to go out and volunteer or over do it - but sitting around isn't me. I had to find other ways to contribute from home and I did. A neighbor needed a few dollars more, a modest donation to help a family displaced by a fire or flooding (both severe problems in Vermont). And then there was this animal shelter . . . when you announced a grant for shelters was available on the 28th I was so overjoyed I wanted to dance. Other than a small donation to the shelter then connecting them via email/ facebook hoping others might help, I couldn't do any more but they were always on my mind. I would brainstorm often for ideas. Several weeks ago it came to me: maybe Ellen could help! I just couldn't muster up the courage to write and ask. With the show on the 28th I knew I could write to you. I'm late but determined to finish this; should I miss the deadline which is a concern I will focus on that now I can write and ask for help! So it's all good. Like you, I've lived a life of kindness; nothing compared with what you do. Now I have even less funds available from the medical but again, I use what I have. Smiling at a grouchy lady at the market, stopping to chat with someone, holding the door for others, bringing something to eat if a neighbor is sick and so on. I always hope it might change the day for them a bit and they might do the same for others. Every little seed planted helps. You, Ellen,show endless examples of kindness that millions must see each day. I know that many will follow your lead which is wonderful. Then, you take it all home when you say 'Be kind to one another ' at the shows closing. May God bless you and keep you always, Ellen! Kathryn Nowell
Kathryn Nowell
Keith Urban, Michael Ealy
267 days ago

Hello Ellen, I would like to nominate The Stand Foundation in Los Angeles for the grant for animal shelters as mentioned on your Oct 28th Show. They stole my heart when I happened upon their story on Anderson Cooper's daytime show. I couldn't forget about them so I found their website a month later and communicated with them via facebook and/or email. I wrote telling them I had little to donate but would love to see them known to the masses for all they do. I suggested contacting Anderson's producers to see if they could have a follow up interview but his show was canceled. (They thought I was a producer but I told them no, just a budinsky trying to help from what I saw when they were on The A.C show) If you could take a moment to check out their website - I hope I copied it correctly. You will see how dedicated they are in acts of kindness for our critters left to suffer alone. It might explain why they touched my heart on the East Coast while they are on West Coast. It's all global now. Thank you for your consideration. I hope others who know of their work will also submit a nomination. It would make their day. Thank you.
Best Regards,
Kathryn Nowell
Mailing address : The STAND Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 5921
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413