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Kathleen Tavernier
Name Kathleen Tavernier
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Hobbies Reading, gardening, walking in the woods with my YaYas (golden retrievers),hanging out with bulldogs, porcupines and bears (no kidding) volunteering for the BEAR League, Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care and other stuff
About Me Retired elementary educator, widowed, no children (borrowed other people's when I taught) recipient of 6 hip replacements before age 50, so obviously physically challenged. Have lived in Tahoe full time for over 37 years. Co-founder of the BEAR League, volunteer for animal rehab. I live in a studio fondly referred to as a Treehouse. Fairly well versed in local Flora, Fauna and Meriweather (although our town could certainly use meriweather as in snow, we are parched here) When I grow up I want to work in a library part-time. I share my life with 2 YaYas (golden retriever's) that are my everything: Willow (recently diagnosed with a bone cancer) age 10, and Archibald age 8.5 and a Puck (THE cat) age 10.5. Totally love the poets of yore: Moody Blues, Simon and Garfunkel, Dan Fogelberg, Indigo Girls, and Rimsky Korsakoff (sp) Josh Groban. My heroes are my Dad, Walt Disney, JRR Tolkien, Gram and Gramps, Bruce (my late husband) and the living ones: Ann Bryant (BEAR League) Obama and YOU! All folks who have paved a way to make a better and more compassionate world.
Kathleen Tavernier
Birthday Gifts from You!
177 days ago

Happy Birthday Ellen and Merry more. Hope you are feeling better! If laughter is the best medicine..well, I have a joke for you. (I embellished it a bit)

So a bunch of roosters and lawyers were sparring and sipping at the **** and Bull bar when a termite walked in. A crazy loud silence descended upon the room as all eyes fell on the lone termite. He clears his throat and says, "so before I bring my crew of termites and carpenter ants in, we wanted to know, is the Bar…tender?"