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Kathleen Poulin
Kenny Chesney and Ellen's Drinking Game
458 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I'm not usually one to comment on shows etc., and although I love your show for the positive, upbeat and, in your own words, "safe place to be for an hour", that it brings me, I have to say this about the drinking games you play with some guests.

I saw the Sean Combs/Mark Wahlberg show a while back and now last night with Kenny Chesney. I'm and adult with no addictions and I completely understand that the games were intended to be fun and nobody got hammered on TV either. However, I also work with teens as young as 11 and 12 years of age who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. In a world where teen drug and alcohol use is a growing epidemic, I have to tell you, I'm not impressed with your alcohol games on prime time TV. The kids I work with tell me regularly how difficult it is to escape temptation. Music plays an essential part in growing up and if you listen to lyrics today, you'll see that 8 songs out of 10 promote, glorify or talk about drinking, sex and drug use. By no means am I blaming you or other shows, the songs, the media for their addictions. Each kid has their own set of issues related to their addictions. However, they do try very to become and remain sober and trust me, it is a struggle. Ellen, you have a very large audience and you are very influential. I love what you stand for and the causes that you support. I love the wonderful things that you do and the goodness you bring to people and I sincerely think we need more Ellens in this world. But I urge you Ellen, to rethink the alcohol games and choose a different venue to play with your guests. Kids, with or without addictions, don't need to see alcohol games being played by their idols and role models on TV.

I applaud you and your team for giving me a quality hour at the end of my day where I can just smile, laugh and turn my stress off and I send you and your team my warmest regards. But please do rethink the alcohol bits. Thank you Ellen.