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Kathleen McKewen
Name Kathleen McKewen
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Hobbies NFL Football!! Live pro sports, Traveling in style with my kid, winter time in the snow, reading by the fire, walking the dogs when it's chilly, San Diego, Downtown Burbank, long talks with my daughter, Wed nights are cuddle nights to Modern Family
About Me Born in San Diego the day Kennedy was shot.My Dad was a music teacher, history teacher, English teacher and ultimately a Guidance Administrator. My Mom was a school secretary. Up until a few years ago, every greeting card I sent my Dad, came back to me with the punctuation corrected with a red felt pen....ugh. Anyhow, during film school worked at the San Diego Improv where Ellen occasionally worked as a middle act. Moved to L.A. in '87ish started working as a Location Manager on Low Budget non-union movies. Worked up to union, traveled the world, bought a few houses, got married, had a beautiful daughter, became extremely ill, husband took off & left me with a very confused and sad little girl. 5 years later we're doing great. Broke, like everyone else but who cares!
Kathleen McKewen
Greyson Chance
629 days ago

Hi Ellen!

Saw A really talented girl here in Burbank on youtube and had to send you her link: Cynthia Sydnor Music.

She's 13, In G.A.T.E. and the sweetest girl! I know she's personally stepped in when two people at her middle school were being bullied.

All this while struggling with her own demons of PTSD and depression. Ok, Ok, I'm her mom, but we've had a very difficult
5 1/2 years and she's turned hers into kindness toward others and music and art.

Just listen to her on youtube.


Kash McKewen