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kathleen jasmin
Name kathleen jasmin
Location torrington, ct
Age 52
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Hobbies croching going out with my daughter to games show when we can ,painting making wreaths ,crafts games on computer watching you
About Me im 51 years of age have had 2 marriages still in second have had3 heart attacks a stroke , 2 back surgeys and 3 neck surgeries and need a 4th one cause the last didn't take .Ihave 4 daughters that I love with all my heart.Next I love my grandkids I have 11 Anthony ,sammie, nickie,eddie,kyle,destiny ,Julie ,Isabella, aiden ailson,dakota.thier my world and keep me going love your show it always make me laugh live love and learn thank you so much.kathy
kathleen jasmin
Message from Ellen
455 days ago

you've inspired me to do a bucket list and that was the show I liked best it made me realize how much their is to do and what I can try to do thank you so much maybe you'll tweet me to


kathleen jasmin
Message from Ellen
478 days ago

swtill trying to get on your show or aletter personally from your long time fan kathy

kathleen jasmin
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585 days ago

my youngest daughter Jennifer wasilonsky has been caring for me throughout the years since my first heart attack in 2005 then I had a few more since then she really is not only my daughter but my best friend shes been helping me through a lot for for over 7 years if their is one thing you could do for her .I would just love that .she been by my side and is becoming a nurse through Goodwin college she lives in Farmington ct and her address is 11 peggy lane ..she really derserves something she also has four children and still takes care of me 3 are hers and one is her older sisters so please if you can help her with something that would be your show and always write to you thank you Kathleen jasmine(mom)