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Kathleen A.
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Kathleen A.
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
597 days ago

You made the statement that if we want something, then let you know what it is. In all honesty, I'd like to afford a dentist. I haven't been to one in 13 years. I'll be 60 years old in 2 weeks and being a single person I've never had the "extra" money for dental care. Last year I sold my modest home and moved in with a friend. Just trying to survive this economy took my whole monthly paycheck. Nothing went into savings. I'm in the same boat as millions of Americans so on that part I'm not complaining. This past August I lost my job. I haven't been able to find another job and am going through my savings. It was my hope to be able to afford to have a lot of dental work done when I sold my home. Now, being jobless, that's not going to happen. Unemployment only pays $9.30 hr basically. I've been working temp jobs while looking for full time work but the pay is just a little more than unemployment so there's nothing left over...actually, what I earn doesn't cover my costs. My own health insurance alone is $640 month but I don't dare be without health insurance at my age. Along with rent and other necessary bills, there is no way I can afford dental care now. So...that's what I want. I want to have my teeth fixed. At least I'm being honest.