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Kathie Lou Eldridge
Name Kathie Lou Eldridge
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Hobbies swimming hiking, reading, taking pictures
About Me just getting my culinary arts degree from my local community college. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. Love to cook and make people happy by doing so.
Kathie Lou Eldridge
Message from Ellen
85 days ago

Happy Birthday Ellen,
You cheer me up everyday. On Talia's Facebook page Angels for Talia a dying seventeen year old wants to be on your show. She says you are her sunshine. I shaved my head last year to raise money for Stl Baldricks which funds research working to cure childhood cancers. Meeting Talia by clicking on your show last year made my life so much better. I'll shave my head again to raise awareness of what these children must endure.

Kathie Lou Eldridge
Remembering Talia
135 days ago

Talia in her short life managed to bring together so many people from all over the world. She inspired so many people and continues to touch us all . Thank you for introducing us to her on your show. I had recently shaved my head for St. Baldricks foundation which raises money to fund research dedicated to curing childhood cancers. I hope you also have her mother and sister on your show. They're trying to keep Talia's legacy alive. I can't thank you enough for bringing Talia into my life. She was the most memorable guest ever.