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Kathie Gonzales
Name Kathie Gonzales
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Hobbies My horses, my dogs all of which are rescue, walking on the beach, and most children!
About Me I am a single mom, with children ages 32, 29, 25, 10 and 8. I also have to beautiful grandsons ages 4 and 1 1/2. My ex husband and I were foster parents to the youngest children, which we were very fortunate to be able to adopt. I recently lost my home to the bank and was fortunate enough to be able to move back to the town I was born and raised in. I am the youngest of seven children and have amazing brothers and sisters. My older children and my sisters have been so wonderful when it comes to spending time with the younger ones. They take them for a day or two now and then, so that I can have some much needed adult time with my friends. Even though I don't have much money and drive a 21 year old car, I am still very happy and do the very best I can to help keep ALL my children happy as well. And I must not forget The Ellen Show, it is one of the shows that you will always find on my dvr, reruns or not.
Kathie Gonzales
Michael J. Fox, L.A. Reid and YouTube Sensation Psy!
675 days ago

I was so happy to see Michael J. Fox on your show, I am such a huge fan of his. He definately made me look at my medical problems and realize how fortunate I am that I can have surgery and make it better. There will be no more whinning from me. He is such an inspiration to us all...yeah Michael!!