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Kathie Cuomo
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About Me Live in Port Charlotte Florida with my husband Al and our Rottweiller Max. My step son Albert lives in NY. Born & raised in the Bronx, NY. Mom passed when I was a few months old. Raised by my sister was handicapped but quit school at 17 to raise me. She passed and now I have my sister Theresa whom I love dearly and also handicapped and my brother Arthur in Nevada whom I miss and have not seen in about 5 - years. Blessed with GREAT friends.... whom I do not SEE often... but are always there! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ellen show and Jerry O'Connell CRACKS ME UP! Would love to come see the Ellen show live some day :) Thanks Ellen!!
Kathie Cuomo
Jerry O'Connell Scares a Staff Member
410 days ago

The show aired April 9, 2013 when Jerry O'Connell scares a staff member was one of the moments that made me laugh over and over again! He is so expressive.
Today is June 7, 2013 and I STILL have recorded and watch it often when I need a real laugh!
I love physical comedy and unexpected outcomes so this was the BEST!!
Thanks Ellen and Jerry, you made my day... and many days thereafter.

Love and Respect,
Kathie Cuomo
Port Charlotte, Florida