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Katherine L Goard
Name Katherine L Goard
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About Me I have always loved animals.. every one of them. Don't eat meat. especially baby anythings! I adore horses. Used to raise them and break and train them until my back fell apart now I can't even give my dog a bath. 5 major failed back surgeries have left me just loving my dog, siting down and watching and playing on the computer, lying down and watching TV. Cooking when I can. Doing anything I can to make extra money which isn't much.
Katherine L Goard
4 Puppies Need a Home
438 days ago

I have a beautiful black and white Engish Springer Spaniel that I rescued from a breeder.She wouldn't breed and if they didn't find homes for her, her sister and the male they were going to the pound. NOT ON MY WATCH THEY WEREN'T! They opened the kennel doors and here bounds 3 beauties. Casey came and sat down beside me and that was it. She was mine. She picked me. The next day I came and got her.. along with a list of others that wanted Oreo, and Bullett. They all were adopted before that day was out into great homes where they still are today. Casey is my baby. My child with 4 paws. Knows when I'm not well. I am disabled from 5 failed back surgeries and just had a pain pump implanted. She has been looking after me ever since I got home last Saturday. One of these days I am going to win the lottery and open a NO KILL shelter the likes of which no one has ever seen! On site care for everyone. Spay/neutering of every animal and all kept in great health and get plenty of exercise. This is my DREAM. But these dogs, the Innerspring, are undoubtedly the best dogs I've ever seen in my life! I'm glad I had Casey spayed because she had a twisted uterus and couldn't breed even if she wanted to. I saved her and I also saved my little Pom that passed at 18 years old last June 30. Back to the Springers. This litter, I would take in a New York Minute if I had a place big enough for them and could physically take care of them the way they should be. I love all animals but I have a soft spot for dogs. They are my life. My love and my children. My husband feels the same way. He plays guitar extremely well and sings and he sings and plays to her. She just lies there listening and finally drifting off to sleep. I have a sign on the back of my house that says "If you don't like my dogs, you are not welcome in my house." Simple, huh. And honest. A sign in my kitchen going into the living area, that says "If you don't want hair on your clothes, I suggest you don't sit on the furniture" As soon as I am well enough, I am going to adopt more dogs. Probably 2 to start with. I have my 87 yr old Father living with me and who I call The the man with no heart" that hated dogs so badly, is in love with Casey :) She has a way of worming herself into your heart to stay.