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Name Katherine
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Hobbies Y do u need to know that?!?!
About Me U don't need to know about me!!...Student, Mom (and all that goes with that!!), oh...Ellen show watcher...Wife...Housekeeper, Adviser, Nurse, Waitress, Cook, Dishwasher, Firewood gatherer, Fire starter, Psychologist, Drug Interventionist, Chauffeur, Dog Herder / Wrangler, Good Neighbor, Peace Maker, Goof ball, Money Manager (need to work harder on this skill), Grocery Wrangler / Herder, Tea Drinker (Chai Tea fav), Water wrangler,...(all of these attributes are not in any particular order) and I could go on and on...but I digress.
Pretty in Pink
520 days ago

The winner...for sure!! Such a cutie pahtutie!