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Katharine Rose Marie - San Diego, CA
Name Katharine Rose Marie - San Diego, CA
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Hobbies hiking, swimming, dancing, playing guitar, playing penny slots at casino!
About Me I'm a life coach, writing, singer/songwriter, motivational speaker and I love to uplift and empower others to live the life of their dreams! Go God! Be the Light!
Katharine Rose Marie - San Diego, CA
Miley's Favorite Cat Video
622 days ago

I just LOVE the Cat Videos on your site today!!! Ellen, you are an inspiration! Thanks for being so loving and so funny! You have inspired me to be all I can be, though I'll never be as funny as you! Thanks for your humanitarianism, your example to us all to be our LOVING SELF! I wrote my spiritual journey in my book 'Waking Up Sober In a Convent - and Other Spiritual Adventures' in order to Awaken and Inspire others. I've sent a copy to you! Hope you enjoy! Please visit my web site: Hugs!