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One Direction and Keira Knightley
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Okay, so i hope the big space helped you notice my comment! lol. Now onto more pressing matters.

Ellen I love your show your super funny!and i also love ONE DIRECTION they are like the BEST! i absoutely love them! i was bullied for about 2-3 years and the moment i saw them on the x-factor i loved their music and their personalitly's. i lov e them and so do alot of my friends so getting those concert tickets you talked about at the beginning of todays show. ( today is Thurs. Nov. 15/ 2012. winning those tickets you talked about would mean soo much to me because while i was being bullied i would listen to them sing or watch them and all the mean comments would just fade away. they have taught me to stand strong even when people are pushing you down. winning those tickets would mean so much! i would be they happiest 13 year old alive! Please Ellen. if i dont get them i will be okay but i seriously want to get these tickets becaus eim supportive of the guys and everything they do, or every girl they date, or anything like that, i would never hate on any one that the boys talked to or dated. but please i love one direction so much im praying to get those tickets!
Love you ellen!
Ps im thirteen just so you know im not a creepy 30 year old im a 13 yearold fan!