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Hello Ellen!
I am 13 years old, my name is Kate, and I ____ One Direction. I left it blank because words cannot describe what I feel for them <3 Well it wasn't like that necessarily in the beginning. You see, when I was 12 I was bullied a lot. Then I discovered One Direction and I found them quite charming. But, I realized that everyone at my school hated them and mocked them, so I decided I wouldn't show it at all. I pretended I hated them just as much because I didn't want to be hated on. Sometimes I would feel a bit sad and alone, but when I listened to their music, it was like I was almost in a completely different world. It was like everything was okay again and I felt joy in me. When I turned 13, I realized after reading a quote from Niall Horan that it doesn't matter what people think. It sounds very cheesy, but it really helped. I decided I would start expressing my love for One Direction in front of people and it didn't matter if they didn't like it. I became friends with some people who also shared love for them. I realized that no one is forcing me to be sad, and even though there are many little reasons to be sad, I have five big reasons to be happy <3 One direction are just plain fabulous. Louis with his beautiful eyes and sassy self. He's truly fabulous and his voice is superb and heart throbbing. Zayn with his amazing eyelashes oh dear god please help me. His hazel eyes <3 His voice gives me tingles, especially especially when he hits those high notes. Liam and his brilliant personality. The similarity between his witty charm and his voice is that they are jaw-dropping awesome. Niall, oh Niall is just I can't even explain he is phenomenally beyond phenomenal, not sure if that even makes sense but that's what he is. His eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue there could possibly be. His hair dyed blonde (and LILAC after the One Direction live stream!). His hair looks like the softest thing ever. His voice is the most gentle beautiful thing in the world, no lie. Harry Edward Styles. Do I even need words for him? Extraordinary. That's what he is. His hair is the curliest, I need to wrap my finger around it one day and twirl it around because that stuff is amazing. His dimples, you can fit an m&m in it! Which Niall probably has done out of boredom.His raspy voice is perfection <3 So really all together they make for the best pot of stew ever! Not literally, but I bet they'd taste delicious, even if there were a few pieces of hair here and there. It has been a bit hard to get tickets to see One Direction. Seeing as the way I squeal when I hear them on the radio or see them on tv, I can't imagine the way I'd be if I got to see them in concert with my friends. I do not want to be some kind of sob story for you, on the contrary, just a girl who can really dream, and knows one day her wishes will come true. My wall is full of One Direction posters because I love to wake up to their faces everyday (even if it means getting a bit creeped out in the middle of the night because of the staring eyes). I still love it! One Direction are my inspiration, idol, and anything that could be good! ( I say this because I ran out of good words to say but they're still incredible)ne Direction taught me to be myself and stay Strong even Through the Dark. The Best Song Ever is Diana. So One Direction, You and I should have stay Up all Night and make some Midnight Memories because it'd be Something Great. But Don't Forget Where You Belong Niall because Right now you are in One Direction not Five Second of Summer. So the girl in the Little Black Dress has Little White Lies, so you should be with me so Happily. And this is the Story of my Life. Thank you Ellen for making my unrealistic-seeming dream come true.
Much Love, Kate <3