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Kate Brown
Name Kate Brown
Location Sewanee, TN
Age 70
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Hobbies writing, illustrating, home improvement projects, flowers, teaching DUI School
About Me I am a retired alcohol and drug abuse counselor. When I retired, I got out my old stories and turned them into Sassafras Tales. I could not afford an illustrator, so I did it myself. I watch Ellen everyday. It is such an upbeat, happy show. I am never left with worry or fear--a daily dose of happy. Thanks, Ellen. From, Kate
Kate Brown
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Hayden Panettiere
334 days ago

Ellen, Ellen, Ellen. Please give my book Sassafras Tales to Sophia Grace and Rosie. I am already 69 years old--just published 2 books on amazon. I don't have a lot of time to schmooze. How happy could a person like me be to finally, even if is at the end of life, have financial success. I have lived my whole life from hand to mouth. I am single, divorced since 1979, reared 3 children--all by myself--no riches, high paying job, or inheritance, but somehow I made it. I have a house in the woods, my children all have college educations, my grandson is currently at Watkins College in Nashville. I want to see Sophia Grace's reaction to my books! It is written for elementary school grades. How do people get to you? Maybe I will be lucky. My website is I may forget that I wrote this it is! Kate Murray Brown 931-598-5551

Kate Brown
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Vince Vaughn
338 days ago

I want to send Sophia Grace and Rosie copies of my new books:
Sassafras Tales. I am 69 years, a grandmother, and have limited technology skills so I need help!! to promote my books. Kate

Kate Brown
Rosie Tells Reese Witherspoon a Story
351 days ago

I would like to send Sophia Grace and Rosie copies of my new books, "Sassafras Tales": "The United Acres of Sassafras" and "The Book of Nice." I know they will love them. I am 69 years old called, Grandmurray by my 7 grandchildren. I can have them shipped from I hope you will accept them, Kate Brown (Grandmurray)